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History | Garantstroy



The company started its operations in 1991 and has performed numerous construction and paving projects on numerous project:

  • restoration of road pavements after emergency repairs of heat and water carrying systems
  • reparation of roads and road networks, other paving projects
  • maintenance and elimination of emergency situations of water systems
  • gasification of part of Gorna Bania district
  • reconstruction, including a construction of a water-conduit, reparation of the drainage system and electric cables of Varna street in Bankia district, Tzvetniza Street, 107 Street in Luilin district, Dr. Luiben Russev Street
  • reconstruction of Iskarsko Shousse street crossing
  • participation in the construction of Zemlyanska highway
  • construction of vertical planning including water-conduits, sewerages and heating systems of the following companies: Universal, Valentin Tzerovsi, Ung, Hlebni izdelia – Botunec and others

Garantstroy Complect JSC has experience working with different clients – municipalities and holding companies, private clients, small, midsized and big corporations. Some of the clients include Sofiyska Voda, Sofinvest, Overgas Engineering, Raikomers Construction, Ung, Unoversal, Galchev Engineering Group, Energoremont and others.

Complect JSC:

Tel.: +359 (2) 958 12 37
Fax: +359 (2) 859 11 92