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Our team


Garantstroy Complect JSC strongly supports the view that human resources are the main capital and leading factor in the future development of the company.

The team includes leading experts with specific technical knowledge, experience and expertise in the construction business.

A big part of Garantstroy Complect JSC team has joined since its inception in 1991. However, the company invests in the hiring and development of new talent with a desire to learn about the operations of the company. We believe that a balance of a workforce with diverse experiences is a step towards future success!

The goal of the company is towards development and retention of:

  • teamwork and motivation towards achievement of the company’s goals
  • constant improvement and competitive edge
  • development of the technical training of the staff through constant training
  • positive attitude, professionalism at all levels for achievement of optimal results
  • minimization and elimination of risks involved in performing the job functions
Complect JSC:

Tel.: +359 (2) 958 12 37
Fax: +359 (2) 859 11 92