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Non-excavating technology for pipeline construction



We have long standing experience in this area. The technology is suitable for construction in an urban area. The advantages are:

  • no destruction of the terrestrial infrastructure
  • no interruption of traffic conditions
  • no additional manufacturing expenses

The method for horizontally managed sounding allows installment of pipelines up to 200 m length. It is very suitable for busy city traffic conditions, for river crossings and railway crossings. It is used in the construction of all types of pipelines – pressure and gravity water-conduits, sewerages, protection of television and telephone cables, cables for high medium and low pressure as well as optical cables. The horizontally managed sounding is done in the following sequence:

  1. Excavation of the initial and finals shafts. If there is a longer sounding or if there are building diversions, intermediate shafts are constructed.
  2. Pilot sounding
  3. Cleaning and widening of the pilot sounding
  4. Pulling and installation of the pipeline

The diameter of the pilot sounding is equal to the diameter of the drilling head. The goal is to construct exact sounding tunnel through which the already planned path of the sounding can be followed. In the second phase, the tunnel is widened to the necessary diameter so that it can be pulled through it by using specialized widening head. In the ending shaft, the drilling head is removed and in its place a widener is installed which is pulled back to the starting shaft. Depending on the diameter of the pipe, there could be several soundings for widening each one of them following a bigger diameter than the previous one. After the desired diameter is reached, an anker could be installed which is attached to the pipeline. Through the sounding machine, it is pulled in the already excavated tunnels and is attached to the existing pipelines.

Horizontal unmanaged sounding


Method for soil displacement:

It is appropriate for non-excavating crossing of busy traffic conditions, railroads, installed pipelines, preparation of props and crossing through obstacles. The only thing that is necessary is the excavation of a starter and receiving shaft. Before beginning, the drilling head is installed in the starter shaft and is directed in the desired direction. We have already localized the goal and the depth with the telescope device.

The options are for a single sounding for the whole length or a series of shorter soundings. The method is used like an unmanaged sounding system which works like a pneumatic hammer. The movement of the soil displacement hammer is achieved through a piston operated through concentrated air. In the sounding could be installed a pipeline with a diameter up to f 315mm as well as different cables.

The uniqueness of this method is in the efficiency of the used technology. Both speeds of the pneumatic hammer are realized at the same time. At the same time the method has additional benefits:

  • the projected layout is with a guaranteed precision
  • high stability of the upper part of the sounding
  • the ease through which different plastic or metal pipelines with diameter up to 200mm could be pulled
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